Fessenden House is about recovery, and recovery is about compassion, courage, and the willingness to trust.  To find out more about this house of healing, click on the links above. 


Fessenden House

236 Warburton Avenue  Yonkers, NY 10701   (914) 966 - 8051


You’re about to get out of a drug/alcohol rehab for the fifth or sixth time.  On your own you’ve never been able to stay clean and sober for more than a few days. Now you’ve just found out you have AIDS or cancer, or that your liver or kidneys are shutting down. You may be mentally ill. You may have lived in shelters or on the streets for years at a time, or you may have been locked up for crimes you’ve committed to support your habit or while “under the influence.” You can’t move into the same drug-infested neighborhood that you lived in before. The shelter system is even worse, and living on the streets would probably kill you. Now you need a place to live that will support you in your recovery and help you deal with your other problems too, but no place will take you.  You’ve got too many issues.